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Last modified on 2/4/2011 10:52 AM by User.


ClockRing App

What is this?

ClockRing is a small utility for iOS, that makes your iDevice ring every hour. It's GPL v2, which means it's free.


For the impatient: you can grab the source code here

Requisites to use ClockRing:

  • iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) with iOS 4.x installed
  • ClockRing App, which can be downloaded for free from iTunes: ClockRing App in iTunes

Requisites to compile ClockRing

Who can I blame for that perpetration against good programming taste and such horrible code?

My name is Diego Freniche. You can find me in my blog page (in Spanish only, sorry), and in Twitter.

I'm a Freelance, currently running my One Man Operated Company, Femtocoders

If you still don't hate me, you can support this App (and I'm not begging for money)