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Source Code

You can get a copy of the code here. Once again, ClockRing it's free software, GPL v2

To install a copy of the source code on your computer, using Mercurial:

  • install Mercurial distributed version control system
  • create a Folder, Directory or how the heck you name it
  • open a Terminal, Command Line Prompt, go to the new Folder.
  • hg init
  • hg clone
  • open the project with XCode (you can download it for free at
  • check project info to adjust it to the latest SDK

If you only want a ZIP file with the code, you can grab it from here.

ClockRing is hosted in FogBugz, a wonderful bug/feature/requests/issue management tool, which also hosts the repositories with your source code (uses Mercurial) and allows you to create Wikis per project (like this one). What's better: it's free for students & startups (up to 2 users).